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            Wrapping paper

            Food wrapping paper is used in the packaging of sweets, biscuits, breads, hamburgers, chewing gum, bubblegum and other foods.

            Lollipop wrapping paper:

            1.Single layer

            BOPP Heat sealing film

            2.Double layers


            Double twist wrapping paper(plastic)

            1.PET Twisted Film

            2.PVC Twisted Film

            3.Aluminized Twisted Film

            Stick chewing gum wrapping paper

            Outer paper

            1.PET+PAPER+Aluminum foil   
            2.Aluminum foil+PAPER    Aluminum foil and paper first composite ,then printing     
            3.PAPER +Aluminum foil    First printed on paper, then compounded    

            Medium paper:
            Coated paper
            Tattoo peper can take the place of medium paper
            Inner paper:

            Aluminum foil paper

            Bazooka bubble gum wrapping paper:

            Coated paper+wax

            Light coated paper+wax

            Cubic packing outer paper for bazooka bubble gum:

            Outer paper material:

            a.PET+paper+Aluminum foil 
            b.PET+Aluminum foil  +paper
            c.Aluminum foil  +paper
            d.paper+Aluminum foil 
            Inner paper material
            b.Silicone paper (oil-proof and anti-moisture)

            Pillow packing roll film